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Dev Blog

Python Paste, mod_proxy, and SSL

by Owen on July 28/2010

We’ve been surprised a few times now to discover that Paste‘s HTTP server doesn’t respect the X-Forwarded-For or X-Forwarded-SSL headers, generated by most reverse proxies and SSL appliances. Applications that use the “wsgi.url_scheme” environment key to generate redirect and link URLs (which should be all of them) mistakenly generate http: URLs instead of https: URLs, leading to broken links and redirects.

This is really easy to fix.

We’ve released a tiny egg called wsgissl, which includes WSGI middleware that looks for the X-Forwarded-SSL header and switches wsgi.url_scheme to “https”. Simple, effective, and highly reusable.

For Paste applications, adding the filter is easy and non-invasive:

  1. Add a dependency on wsgissl to

    # other dependencies,

If you’re not using setuptools or distribute, install wsgissl by hand instead.

  1. Add the filter to your paster configuration:

    use: egg:wsgissl#ssl-detect
  2. Add a filter-with config entry to your [app:…] stanza:

    # ...
    filter-with: ssl-detect

For more information about filtering and composing filter chains in Paste, have a look at their documentation.

For freestanding WSGI applications, the filter wraps your app:

import wsgissl as s
my_app = MyWsgiApp()
my_app = s.ForwardedSSLDetectingFilter(my_app)

Source code for this filter is available on Github.