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Staff API Access: No More Restrictions!

by paul on September 30/2009

As of today, the FreshBooks API is fully functional for Staff members, not just Administrators. Ever since its debut, the API has used a more restrictive set of permissions than the application. This made things a little simpler for us, but it didn’t help our users or third-party add-on developers. It meant that certain third-party applications simply weren’t as useful for customers who had multiple staff members sharing a single FreshBooks account. We’ve received many requests from developers to open up permissions in the API so that they more closely follow the permission settings in the application. You have been heard!

Staff now have access to all of the API methods as long as they are given the appropriate permissions from the application settings. This means that if the invoices tab is enabled for staff in the application, they can view and edit invoices from the API for clients who they are assigned to. Likewise, if the estimates tab is enabled, they will have API access to estimates for clients who they are assigned to. Ditto for Recurring Profiles, Payments and Items.

We hope that this change will make existing applications more useful and encourage new kinds of third-party add-ons that were simply not possible before. Having the API be more consistent with the application should help make FreshBooks more useful for everybody.