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Startup Weekend NYC & Upcoming Events

by Jamaal Montasser on June 15/2011

FreshBooks was hanging out at Startup Weekend NYC last weekend. There were over 100 people there with some incredible ideas.

Tagify.US won both the FreshBooks First Dollar Earned Award and overall first place at the event. Tagify Us makes it easy to categorize and connect people in your social graph. Here’s what they do, in their own words:

We have more contacts than we can keep track of. The most successful networkers spend hours a week managing their contacts with tags, groups and notes but this is time consuming it’s near impossible to predict all the different ways you might want to search for someone in the future.

Our solutions is crowd sourcing your contact management with Each of your contacts has a searchable tag cloud curated by all the people that know them best. You can create public tags that contribute to this cloud or private tags that are just for you. You can manage you personal tag cloud by tagging yourself or adding particular tags to a block list. All of this on the networks you already use such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The Tagify team is Niko Pipaloff, Kelsey Falter, Corbin Fields, Justas Janauskas, Patrick Conroy, Steve Liu, Cavaughn Noel.

Coming up…

Mike McDerment, the founder and CEO of FreshBooks will be speaking at two upcoming events – Future of Web Apps in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 27th and StartUp Festival in Montreal between July 13-15th.

Come say hi to Mike or I (Jamaal) in Las Vegas and Montreal if you’re around! We’d love to meet you.