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TechTalksTO – Episode 3 – James Duncan on Node.js

by Jason Diller on March 8/2011

On March 2nd, 2011, FreshBooks was proud to sponsor another edition of TechTalksTO.  Hosted once again by The Gladstone Hotel, this edition featured James A. Duncan, Chief Architect at Joyent, who hold the IP rights to Node and sponsor its ongoing development.

We packed the house again, and the developers who attended were treated to an informative and entertaining talk about Node, including:

  • What Node.js is and why Joyent is investing in it.

  • How Node.js handily solves the C10K problem
  • How more and more devices are generating volumes of data, and how non-blocking, event based I/O enables dealing with those volumes.
  • Why JavaScript is the right language for Node
  • How it all works under the covers.

We hope everyone had a good time and that you’ll all come back for the next edition of TechTalksTO!

Our next installment is set for March 29th, and will feature Ben Cherry of Twitter

A video of the talk will be posted shortly. You can check out the slides from the talk below.

Node js techtalksto

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Update:As promised, the video is now available at