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TechTalksTO:Underground set for August 13th

by Jason Diller on July 5/2011

TechTalksTO Logo

For the past year or so, FreshBooks has been proud to sponsor TechTalksTO, an ongoing speaker series for software developers in the Toronto Area. We’ve held several great talks featuring speakers from Twitter, Twilio,, Joyent and more!

This summer, the TechTalksTO team has pulled out all the stops and arranged a full-day developer conference in August, to be held at the Toronto Underground Cinema

The day will feature talks from six great speakers from the global web development community and a kicking after-party.

Speaker Lineup:

Keep an eye on the TechTalksTO website for more details, speaker bios, talk synopses, and details about the after-party as they are revealed. You can also follow @techtalksto on Twitter for updates.

Tickets are CAD$150, and are On Sale Now