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Dev Blog

Why weren’t you at ConFoo?

by Shey Sewani on March 16/2011

ConFoo was an incredible experience; with 146 sessions over 3 days, multiple tracks attracting members of many different open source communities from around the world. We met brilliant people everyday: diversity rocks.

Over three days, we had our brains rocked by sessions that ranged from caching with HTTP to Node.js to deploying and maintaining mission critical web applications. Just as important as the topics were the people who held the sessions.  Developers who are in the trenches everyday, working on real world applications and sharing their solutions.

Our brains were fried, daily, but when you’re in a beautiful city, with amazing people and incredible beer, there are always ways to relax.

So, thanks to the organizers and everyone we met and chatted with during the conference. If you’re a Ruby/Python/PHP developer, you should definitely go to ConFoo next year.  I know we’ll be there.

P.S.  We’ll bring a camera next time.

P.P.S: I was at {SXSW, PAX , PyCon} are all good answers