Apipheny helps you to import your data from FreshBooks into Google Sheets.


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About Apipheny

Apipheny allows Google Sheet users to connect to thousands of different APIs. This is not done through direct integrations, rather, you can think of the Apipheny app as a Postman app for Google Sheets.

An API is just a raw data pipeline that gives developers programmatic access to an application. Connecting to an API is usually something reserved for coders, but the app makes it easy to connect Google Sheets to many different APIs without writing any code.

Most APIs are basically just a URL, so all you have to do is enter your API URL into Apipheny and then after you click “Run”, the data from your application will be automatically imported and nicely organized into Google Sheets.

The benefit of using Apipheny over other tools, or in addition to other tools, is that you don’t need to rely on direct integrations – you can make your own custom integrations right from within Google Sheets.

How it Works With FreshBooks

The Apipheny app allows users to connect their Google Sheets to Freshbooks and import data from Freshbooks into Google Sheets.

Using the Apipheny app you can choose whatever data from FreshBooks you want in Google Sheets, a few examples are getting all your Client data or getting all your Expense data from FreshBooks right into google sheets.

Steps to Connect

Please see the step-by-step tutorial for connecting FreshBooks with Google Sheets using Apipheny