Checkeeper integrates with FreshBooks allowing you to record your checks as expenses in FreshBooks.

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About Checkeeper

Checkeeper is an online check registry and check mailing service. Print and mail the check yourself using the powerful check template editor, or let Checkeeper print, lick and stamp so you don’t have to.

Stop mailing checks, let Checkeeper do it for you!

How it Works With FreshBooks:

Create a new check expense inside Checkeeper and it will automatically record that expense to your FreshBooks account too.

How To Get Started

Steps to Connect: 

1) Log into your Checkeeper account, and click the Add-ons tab.

2) Click “Add FreshBooks” from the listed Add-ons. You will be taken to FreshBooks.

3) Follow the steps inside FreshBooks to authenticate Checkeeper. You will be redirected back to Checkeeper once finished.

How to Send Information to FreshBooks:

After you’ve connected your FreshBooks account to Checkeeper, in Checkeeper 

1) Click the New Check button in your registry

2) Enter check payment information

3) Select a FreshBooks Expense Category – these categories are automatically pulled from your FreshBooks account. 

Optionally, select a FreshBooks client to associate the billable expense with. If none is selected, the expense won’t be marked as billable

4) Click Create Check to save the check to your registry, and send the expense information to FreshBooks

5) [Optional] Do happy dance!