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Track sales from Square, Etsy and Stripe with the Income Importer integration in FreshBooks.

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About Income Importer

Income Importer was built by FreshBooks to help you track additional sources of revenue for your business. It connects with platforms like Square, Etsy and Stripe to import outside income into your FreshBooks account. The income that you pull from these platforms is recorded as “Other Income” in your account, and is reflected on your reports and financial statements. 

This application is FreshBooks Tested, this means that FreshBooks has tested the functional integration of the FreshBooks platform with the third party application.

How it Works With FreshBooks

Income Importer connects your FreshBooks account with outside platforms like Square, Etsy and Stripe that you want to import revenue or income from. The importer then syncs all transactions sold on those connected platforms and imports them as “Other Income” in your FreshBooks account.

Steps to Connect

  1. Click on the “Get Income Importer” button on this page
  2. Click on the Log In button
  3. Sign into your FreshBooks account with your email and password and click Log In
  4. Once connected to the Income Importer, click on Connect beside the platform you want to import income from (e.g. Etsy, Square, or Stripe)
  5. Log in to the chosen platform
  6. Click Allow Access to grant FreshBooks access to the third-party’s data
  7. You will then be redirected back to the Income Importer page to manage your import settings (including date range and ongoing sync)
  8. Click Start Sync to import data based on your settings