Integrately connects with FreshBooks to help you in integrating 100s of apps in just 1 click. You can choose from over 250k+ ready to use automations and just activate your flow in minutes.

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About Integrately

When running a business, you definitely don’t use a single tool. You need to use several tools like CRM, spreadsheets, email marketing, project management, payment processing apps. Also, you need to store almost the same data across multiple apps, with minor changes here and there. This means you need to give a significant amount of time to achieve this kind of synchronization across all your tools.

This is where Integrately comes to your rescue. It has more than 400+ apps for you to choose from. Just set-up the automation once and let Integrately work its magic. You just focus on more important things in business and leave the routine tasks to be handled by Integrately.

How it works with FreshBooks

  • Connect FreshBooks with more than 425+ apps
  • Send data from or to FreshBooks with ease
  • Create perfect synchronization between FreshBooks and other apps you may be using for your business
  • Save several hours of work every week and use it for better productive purposes
  • Browse through Integrately store for FreshBooks and select from more than over 500 ready integration recipes and install with just a click – integrately.com/store/freshbooks

How to Get Started

Integrately offers you several triggers and actions for FreshBooks to choose from. ‘Triggers’ mean ‘when should the automation take place’ and ‘Actions’ mean ‘what happens after the automation takes place.

Once you decide what data needs to be passed between FreshBooks and other apps, you need to define the ‘trigger’ and the ‘action(s)’ for the automation. You could keep it a simple 2 step automation or you could add more steps to it and make it multi-step automation.

Multi-step automation gives you the freedom to pass data to several apps at the same time. Sometimes you will need to use the ‘Search’ action, when you need to update your ‘client’ or an ‘invoice’ in FreshBooks.

Steps To Connect

All you need to do is determine the other apps you wish to integrate with FreshBooks. And the flow of data from or to FreshBooks. Once you have this figured, it becomes a piece of cake to build this in Integrately

  1. Go to the Integrately website.
  2. Create a new account using the Sign Up link
  3. Select ‘FreshBooks’ and the other app you wish to integrate, from over 400+ apps
  4. You can then either choose from a list of ready integrations and get started with a single click. Or, you could also create your custom automation by selecting the from the given Triggers and Actions.
    1. If you create a custom automation, You need to click on the ‘GO’ button. It will then prompt you to choose if you wish to add more steps to your automation, or just simply proceed with the trigger and action selected by you.
  5. Once you have selected your choice of automation, you will be directed to the ‘Add Connections’ page.
    1. When you click on the ‘Add Connection’ button, it will ask for your permission to grant Integrately access to your FreshBooks account. This is only a one-time procedure. You do not have to give permission every time you make automation using FreshBooks.
  6. Now that your FreshBooks account has been connected with Integrately, you can create as many automations as you would like. You can also add multiple accounts and rename each for future reference.