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OneLocal integrates with FreshBooks to allow small business owners to automate the collecting of 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, or any review site!

About OneLocal

OneLocal handles and automates all digital marketing tasks that a small business owner needs. OneLocal provides world-class technology, highly attentive support, expert marketing advice, and transparency in all results and tasks.

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How it works with Freshbooks

When an invoice in FreshBooks is paid, the customer will automatically be sent a text or email, asking them to leave a review on sites like Google, Facebook, or the site of your choice. This takes away all the friction and difficulty of collecting reviews, a small business owner will never have to worry about reviews again. Reviews will quickly pile up, people will start finding your business online, and the new customers will start flowing in. Features include a marketing specialist dedicated to your account, fully customizable review requests, fully automated review generation, and a transparent dashboard that displays campaign results.

How to Get Started

Steps to Connect:

In order to setup the Freshbooks integration, a user will need to do the following:

1. Login to the OneLocal dashboard

2. Navigate to Settings > Connected Accounts

3. Under Freshbooks click Connect

4. You will be re-directed to login to the Freshbooks account

5. After logging in you will be redirected back to the OneLocal dashboard to configure the account

6. Select the location that you’d like to connect to

7. Configure the following and click confirm:

  • Trigger – currently we only have the trigger for when an invoice is paid on Freshbooks
  • Action – currently we only have a “Send ReviewEdge Request” action
  • Select Survey – select the survey you want the customer to receive
  • Select User – select the user you want to send the survey from

8. Your integration is now setup

Note: you can Edit or Disconnect the integration using the corresponding buttons from the Connected Accounts page