Integrate FreshBooks with popular accounting, e-commerce, support, CRM, marketing apps & databases. Backup and restore data in few clicks.

About Skyvia

Data integration, backup, management and connectivity. 

TECHNICALLY-WISE: 100 % cloud based platform that offers contemporary cloud agility and scalability, eliminating the need of deployment or manual upgrades.

EASY TO USE: No coding wizard-based solution that meets the needs of both IT professionals and business users with no technical skills.

SCALABLE: With flexible pricing plans for each product, Skyvia suites for businesses of any size, from a small startup to an enterprise company.

How it Works With FreshBooks

Import FreshBooks Invoices, Clients, Payments, etc. directly to/from major cloud and on-premise data sources or perform FreshBooks sync in both directions.

Powerful mapping settings allow you to load and synchronize FreshBooks data with sources having different data structure. You can schedule your FreshBooks integration operations, like FreshBooks import or FreshBooks export, etc., to execute it automatically.

Steps to Connect

  1. Log into your Skyvia account and click +NEW in the top menu.
  2. Open the Select Connector page by clicking Connection in the menu on the left.
  3. In the opened pane, click FreshBooks.
  4. In the Connection Editor page, specify a connection name that will be used to identify the connection, select Alpha in the API Version list and specify your Company Name.
  5. Click Sign In with FreshBooks.
  6. In the opened window, enter your FreshBooks credentials and click Log in.
  7. Click the Create Connection button to create the connection.