ZenDesk TimeTracker+

Integration by Virtua Consulting Group

Track time spent in Zendesk and record it in FreshBooks for invoicing.


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About ZenDesk TimeTracker+

ZenDesk TimeTracker+ allows you to log time in FreshBooks right from within Zendesk Support. 

How it Works With FreshBooks

ZenDesk Time Tracker+ enables you to track time spent on support tasks in Zendesk and record it in FreshBooks for later invoicing. Assign the time to either a Project or a Client in FreshBooks, specify the service provided, and add notes describing the work. Automatic team member detection reduces the number of tracking steps to the minimum necessary. Once all the data is in FreshBooks, send your invoice and get paid!

Steps to Connect

1. Download and install FreshBooks Time Tracker+ from the Zendesk marketplace.
2. It will then appear in the Apps section for any ticket.
3. On the first launch, click Sign In With FreshBooks and provide OAuth credentials.
4. Once authenticated, you’ll see the FreshBooks Time Tracker+ form for recording time in FreshBooks.