Connect Signpost with your FreshBooks account to automate email marketing at the most important customer touchpoints.

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About Signpost

Signpost helps local businesses manage prospect and customer communications from a single platform – from initial inquiry to service, follow-up, and loyalty. Our platform not only ensures that businesses never miss a lead, but also facilitates long-term engagement through our marketing automation platform.

How it Works With FreshBooks

Connect your Signpost and FreshBooks accounts to drive more value from both platforms. Our integration syncs contacts from FreshBooks to our platform, automatically assigning them to a prospect or customer lifecycle stage and ensuring the right messages are sent at the right time.

How to Connect

1. Log into your Signpost account, then navigate to the Integrations tab
2. Scroll down to find the FreshBooks integration, then click Connect
3. Log into your FreshBooks account
4. Click “Allow Access”
5. If you have multiple FreshBooks Businesses, select which one you would like to connect to this Signpost location.

That’s it! You should now see a green “Connected” message on your FreshBooks Integration