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Yalla app integrates with FreshBooks to take your project management to the next level.

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Integration Summary

  • It can sync clients from FreshBooks
  • It can track time and projects
  • It can convert time entries into an invoice in FreshBooks (save as draft or send by email)
  • It adds clients to FreshBooks if created in Yalla
  • It can’t receive payments for invoice

About Yalla

Yalla is a project management system that was built by people who are obsessed with teamwork. Yalla helps growing teams keep it all together by minimizing the amount of things that slip through the cracks. It enables you to collaborate on projects with your team and clients, team chat, centralize discussions, easy client management and more. You can keep track of your own work, as well as the workload of your team members from one clean and easy to use interface. Then you can reprioritize work on the fly to make sure you’ve got the right people, working on the right things, in the right priority. Yalla is free for up to 3 people with no credit card required.

How it works with FreshBooks

Yalla seamlessly integrates with FreshBooks to utilize the power of FreshBooks invoicing features. Yalla and Freshbooks clients will synchronize so that you don’t need to enter a client into both systems. You can then create custom invoices or bill clients straight from Yalla’s batch invoicing feature also known as billing worksheets. All of the time you track in Yalla against clients can be invoiced directly from Yalla using Freshbooks powerful backend without needing to type any additional information or copy and paste from one application to another.

How To Get Started

Steps to connect:

  1. Click Settings from the “Me” navigation menu.
  2. Click the Integrations tab.
  3. Click the Freshbooks tab.
  4. Click Install button. You will see two options, click Classic or New Freshbooks depending on which FreshBooks system you are on. If you’re on Classic, add API URL and Authentication Token found in FreshBooks under your profile. If you use the New FreshBooks, you will be redirected to authorize Yalla to connect with your FreshBooks account. If you give Yalla permission to connect, you will only see the Sync options.

Sync Yalla with FreshBooks

You can sync anytime. The system will check for differences between the two systems. After activating the FreshBooks integration, each new client created in Yalla will also be created in FreshBooks. Updates in Yalla will also update the linked account in FreshBooks.

  1. Click Sync after saving API credentials (Reset button may be used to unlink clients in Yalla from FreshBooks.)
  2. Check the Yalla clients you want to be created in FreshBooks. If clients already exist or multiple clients are found in FreshBooks, Yalla will do its best to make a match.
  3. Click Submit.