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Acuity Scheduling

Integration by Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling app integrates with FreshBooks allowing you to easily book appointments with your clients.

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Integration Summary

  • It can work with multiple businesses
  • It can create clients in FreshBooks
  • It can create invoices for appointments and allow payments to be entered (as Cash only)
  • It works with Square as a payment gateway in Acuity
  • It can’t stay synced if changes are made to an appointment (if payment is deleted in Acuity, will not be deleted in FreshBooks)

About Acuity Scheduling

Automate your client bookings, cancellations, reminders, and payments with one click and zero frustration. After all, you’re here to make yourself money, not make yourself crazy (that’s where Acuity comes in).

How it works with FreshBooks

  • Sync new clients to FreshBooks automatically
  • Create and send invoices for appointments booked in Acuity
  • Record payments made through Acuity to invoices in FreshBooks

How To Get Started

Steps to connect:

  1. Head to Acuity Scheduling and begin a free trial.
  2. Click on Business Settings, in the left panel, click on Integrations, and look for New FreshBooks.
  3. Click on “Sign into FreshBooks.”
  4. After being redirected to FreshBooks, grant Acuity access to sync with your account.
  5. Back in Acuity, select your invoice and client information settings.

You’re all set! New appointments in Acuity will sync to your FreshBooks account.

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