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Invoice2go vs FreshBooks

The Invoice2go Alternative That Gives You Unlimited Invoices at Half the Price

For a whopping $49.99, Invoice2go lets you send unlimited invoices a month… WHAT!? 😱  FreshBooks gives you real value with unlimited invoices and plan options that fit your budget… PHEW! 😌 

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30+ Million People Have Used FreshBooks

“Every week, I would spend at least 5 to 6 hours on accounting. It was too time-consuming. After switching over to FreshBooks, the whole process became automatic, and I was able to focus more on my billable work.”



“Saves me TIME and makes me MONEY. My business’ Achilles heel is invoicing. FreshBooks allows me to easily track my time AND then I can automate the generation of invoices so I don’t forget to send it and then GET PAID.”

Susan Dakuzaku

XLeration Services

“As my business has grown, FreshBooks’ capabilities have grown with it, which has been really beneficial to my business. It’s been the reason why I’ve stayed brand-loyal for so long.”



“[FreshBooks] helps me easily keep track of projects I’m working on, how much work I’ve done to keep me on track with budget. The estimates and invoicing features work seamlessly together and give me a consistent look of professionalism for my clients.”



FreshBooks Beats Invoice2go Where It Matters

FreshBooks Gets Top Ranking for Ease of Use and Customer Support

FreshBooks Rating in G2

Ease Of Use

Invoice2go score: 8.5
Accounting average: 8.6

Ease of Setup

Invoice2go score: 9.1
Accounting average: 8.1

Quality of Support

Invoice2go score: 7.9
Accounting average: 8.4

Sending More Than a Handful of Invoices a Month?

Sending More Than a Handful of Invoices a Month?

So, you want to use Invoice2go to send more than 5 invoices this month and need to call support too?—it’ll cost you an extra $50! 😡

Small businesses with big ambitions need a partner like FreshBooks that supports their growth. 😊

Users Say Invoice2go Is Expensive for Online Invoicing

“As a business owner that deals with small volumes, the costs are a little much considering what you get.”

Verified Invoice2go review on G2

“You have to purchase a new package and upgrade to a pro version to add on more invoices”

Verified Invoice2go review on G2

“It’s a bit expensive for the service that [it] really offers. It’s not integrated with other payment services.”

Verified Invoice2go review on G2

“First, try to find another app with more features for less money.

Verified Invoice2go review on G2

“Client limit and features not offered at lower levels plans.

Verified Invoice2go review on G2

“The basic package is EXTREMELY BASIC with limited features. You can upgrade but the costs don’t seem to always match what you get.

Verified Invoice2go review on G2

Start Small, Grow Big
FreshBooks Has a Plan That Fits Your Business

Get started with FreshBooks at $5/mo. Upgrade to unlimited invoices and project management tools for a fraction of Invoice2go’s price.

Professional Invoices for as Low as $5/mo

Need a simple way to create invoices? Get FreshBooks invoicing-only plan at an unbeatable rate.

Pay 3x Less to Get Unlimited Invoices

Invoice2go’s unlimited invoicing costs $49.99/mo. FreshBooks is $15/mo.

Delight Clients Beyond Invoicing

Share estimates and proposals, track projects, and make online payments easier with recurring invoices, checkout links, and more.

Invoice2go vs FreshBooks

FreshBooks Won’t Nickel-and-Dime You

Unlimited Invoices on (Almost) Every Plan

Our lowest plan ($5/mo) is limited to 2 invoices a month. Any plan you upgrade to gives you unlimited invoices—without adding a zero to your Starter plan.

Pay Lower Fees Whenever Your Clients Pay You

Invoice2go Starter plan charges 3.4% + 30¢ in transaction fees. FreshBooks takes 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction on the Starter, Lite & Plus plans. The savings and value couldn’t be more obvious.

Save 13+ Hours a Month on Estimates and Proposals

Scope out project timelines and deliverables without leaving FreshBooks. Create proposals that impress clients and help you close more business, with less effort.

Invite Your Accountant to Keep Your Finances Healthy

Give your accountant easy access to your double-entry accounting reports. Make it easier for them to support you during tax season and make key financial decisions.

95% of users agree that FreshBooks makes it easy to work with your accountant.

Always Talk to a Human, No Matter Which Plan You’re On

Invoice2go limits phone support to their highest plan ($50/mo). FreshBooks’ award-winning customer support team is always ready to answer your questions.

4.8/5.0 Star Reviews and 9-Time Stevie Award Winner for Outstanding Customer Service

Invoice2go vs FreshBooks

Stress-Free Accounting for Small Businesses

Try it free for 30 days. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Invoice2go vs FreshBooks

Product Comparison

Product Comparison
Product Screenshot
Pricing (monthly)
Starting at $15 NZD ($5 NZD for Invoicing Only plan)
Starting at $9 NZD
Free Trial
Free 30-Day Trial Included
Free 30-Day Trial Included
Live Human Customer Support
Checkmark Stevie Award Winner for Excellent Customer Service
Crossmark Available only on Premium plan at $50/mo 
Easy to Use Interface
9.2 Ease of use score on G2
8.5 Ease of use score on G2
Unlimited invoices & quotes
Crossmark Available only on Premium plan at $50/mo
Credit card payments
Lower credit card payment fees (2.9% + 30¢)
Crossmark Available only on Premium plan at $50/mo
Stripe and PayPal payments
Checkout links
Save credit card info
Recurring invoices
Crossmark Available only on Premium plan at $50/mo
Late fees
Time tracking
Double-entry accounting software
Project profitability tools
Checkmark Available on FreshBooks Premium plan
Multi currency
Project management
Business health reports
Chart of accounts
Expense tracking
Client communication

Switch From Invoice2go With No Interruptions to Your Business

Ready to switch? Our friendly support team is there for you every step of the way. We’ll help you move your data to FreshBooks and onboard your team.

Call our migration team at +64 (80) 0456811 || Toll-Free New Zealand (2AM – 2PM NZDT)

It’s good that [FreshBooks] offers a number of different pricing plans that allow you to start off small. As your business grows, you can upgrade to higher levels based on your billable client base.

Gillian Whitney

Video Marketing Coach

Invoice2go vs FreshBooks

Frequently Asked Questions

How many invoices a month can I send with FreshBooks?

You can send invoices as much as you want with FreshBooks Lite plan or above. You get unlimited invoices. If you choose our invoicing-only plan ($5/mo NZD) then you’re limited to 5 invoices and 2 clients per month.

Can I get help if I get stuck with FreshBooks?

Absolutely. Our award-winning phone support team is available to answer any questions from both you and your accountant, with no additional fees.

Is FreshBooks going to save me time when I have to send invoices?

Yes. FreshBooks is an invoicing software that makes invoices super simple for small businesses. You can use our invoice generator and set up recurring invoices to impress clients and get paid faster, without doing any of the manual work.

Can I start using FreshBooks if I have zero accounting knowledge?

FreshBooks is a super-easy-to-use accounting software built specifically for freelancers, sole-traders and small businesses, letting you easily do everything yourself.

You don’t need an accountant to use FreshBooks, but you can still give them access and collaborate with them, if that’s what you prefer. Talk to your accountant and start a free trial to see how easy it is to work together.

How does pricing compare in FreshBooks vs Invoice2go?

There are 3 main differences between FreshBooks and Invoice2go pricing.

Starting price:

Get started for as low as $5/mo NZD with FreshBooks invoicing-only plan, which includes up to 5 monthly invoices. Invoice2go lowest plan is $8.99/mo NZD, with 2 monthly invoices.

Unlimited customised invoices:

Included with FreshBooks Lite ($15/mo NZD) vs Invoice2go Premium ($49.99/mo NZD).

Payment fees:

Invoice2go Starter plan charges 3.4% + 30¢ in transaction fees. FreshBooks takes 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction on the Starter, Lite & Plus plans.

What other features can I get with FreshBooks, other than invoicing?

FreshBooks is an all in one solution that manages all your bookkeeping needs. Our accounting software offers powerful features, such as:

– Professional invoices

– Time tracking

– Receipts tracking

– Mileage tracking

– Track and manage expenses

– Project management

– Estimates

– Financial reports

– Proposals and quotes

– Online payments (including Stripe and PayPal)

– Payment reminders

– Accountant and employees access

– Integration with other business tools

– Data protection with Secure 256-bit SSL encryption

Is FreshBooks the best alternative to Invoice2go?

FreshBooks is one of the top alternatives to Invoice2go! If your small business is just getting started and you need affordable invoicing software, we have a plan that fits your budget. And if you’re a growing business looking to send more invoices and add more accounting and project management tools, you can choose FreshBooks for a fraction of Invoice2go’s price.


553 hrs


$ 10,000




Try it free for 30 days. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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