Daycast integrates with FreshBooks to help you purposefully plan your days, accurately track your time, and easily update your team—all in one place.

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About Daycast

Daycast puts people back in the driver’s seat in a world where inboxes, alerts, and notifications rule. Bridging the gap between modern working conditions and legacy approaches to work, Daycast merges work feeds, simplifies time-tracking, and dissolves blind spots. With it, you and your team will:

  1. Mindfully plan your days, giving high-value projects the attention they deserve amid the neverending stream of lower-value to-dos
  2. Accurately track your time while preserving your ability to pivot or reroute as needed
  3. Stay within sight of teammates effortlessly, no matter the time or space between you
  4. Extract more deliverable value from your workday

How it works with FreshBooks

FreshBooks projects are available in Daycast, where you can plan your work sessions by adding the tasks you hope to accomplish and linking each with its corresponding project. Time tracked against FreshBooks projects in Daycast is automatically sent to FreshBooks, where it will collect until you’re ready to send your FreshBooks invoice to your client.

How To Get Started

Steps to connect

You can connect Daycast with FreshBooks with just a few clicks. See a visual guide here.

  • Select Integrations from the options menu (three stacked dots in the upper right-hand corner) within Daycast.
  • Select FreshBooks and click Add Integration.
  • In your browser, you’ll see a prompt to connect your FreshBooks account to Daycast. (If you aren’t already logged into FreshBooks, you’ll first be prompted to do that.) Click Allow Access. FreshBooks and Daycast will sync, and you’ll get the thumbs up there in your browser. You’ll then be able to select FreshBooks projects in Daycast and push hours logged in Daycast back to FreshBooks.