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What is Public Relations?

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Media Kit: What It Is & How to Make One?

Updated: February 23, 2023

The media can be both an asset and a liability for businesses.

You can use the media to help promote your business, as well as get favorable stories and articles written about you. However, when things start to head south, the media can be a thorn in your side.

One way to make sure that the media is well informed about your business is through a media kit. But what exactly is a media kit, and what should it contain? 

Read on as we find out.

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    • A media kit is a package of information that is put together to give out to various media outlets.
    • It will contain all of the key information that journalists and bloggers would need to write articles about your company or your brand. 
    • A media kit will contain key information such as the official name of your company, information about key staff members, and a rundown of the history of the company.

    What Is a Media Kit?

    A media kit is a package of basic information that is assembled by a business to provide to reporters. It is a promotional tool that can help with public relations as well as serve a number of different functions. These functions include promoting the launch of a new company, the launch of a new product or service by an existing company, or giving a company a way to present itself on favorable terms. It can also serve as a way for companies to avoid answering the same questions repeatedly. 

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    What Should Your Media Kit Contain?

    A typical media kit should address the communication and publicity needs of your business specifically. It should be able to demonstrate your value and creativity whilst also being informative and easy to understand. It should be able to accurately convey everything that the reader needs to know about your business. 

    A media kit can be as simple as a single page on a company’s website. It could also be as complex as an intricate package of information, product samples, and data that can be sent to selected members of the media. 

    A media kit will commonly contain the following things:

    • Official name of the company
    • The names, titles, and biographies of key staff
    • Information about the company’s function
    • Information about the company’s history
    • Various photos and image files
    • Any press releases that the company has written and released about itself

    A media kit can also commonly provide contact information for reports that are seeking additional information or want to conduct an interview with someone at the company. 

    Importance of a Media Kit

    A specific and well-structured media kit helps to give you a chance to present yourself and your business the way that you would like to be seen. It gives your audience a detailed description of exactly what you can bring to the table, as well as allowing you to control the message. 

    When a company takes on a new client, it is likely that they will have a number of questions, from everything about your business’s brand to information about your services and products. Being able to supply them with a media kit will give them something that they can physically reference any time a question arises. 

    If you’re holding a public event, press conference, or launching a new product, you’ll most likely want to get information out to the media in an easy and digestible way. By sending out media kits, you’re making sure that everyone has access to the same information. This helps to avoid your message becoming confused as it is relayed in a slightly different way to each media outlet. 

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    What Is the Difference Between a Press Kit and a Media Kit?

    It is common for the terms media kit and press kit to be used interchangeably. However, there are some key differences. 

    To put it simply, a media kit is a general overview of your business’s brand. While a press kit is an amalgamation of any necessary information for immediate coverage of an event that is currently happening. 

    Media Kit Examples

    A good example of a media kit is from music and audio content streaming service Spotify. Media outlets can read through the kit and get a good understanding of the specifics of the platform, how it works, its performance stats, and any notable partnerships that support its effectiveness.

    This example shows you that general press kits are a great tool for your business to have. But it also shows how relevant they are for other key uses such as product launches or press conferences.


    Media kits are an important tool for your business to utilize. They can get key information out to members of the media in a way that reduces the chance of confusion or crossed lines of communication.

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    FAQS About Media Kit

    How Many Pages Should a Media Kit Be?

    Media kits can vary in size. A standard one will be anything from one to three pages long.

    How Are Media Kits Most Often Used?

    Media kits are most often used for launches and events. They are utilized as a package of information for journalists and other members of the media to use to enable them with writing their pieces.

    What Is a Brand Media Kit?

    A brand media kit is a collection of promotional materials that members of the media can use to write articles about the brand of your company.

    What is Public Relations?

    1. Press Conference
    2. Media Kit
    3. Public Relations


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