About Snail Mail

What Do I Get?

When you send an invoice to your client by snail mail, your invoice will be sent via first class business mail within one business day by the United States Postal Service.

This service is performed through a partnership with a company that sends over one billion pieces of mail a year.

Snail Mail Features

snail mail features
  1. Sent in a double paned #10 window envelope showing both you and your client's address. A return envelope is included, making it easy for your client to mail you their payment (including the envelope is proven to speed up the payment process).
  2. Postage applied depending on destination.
  3. Secure URL included on the invoice so your clients can access their online account and view, print and pay their invoices online (if you let them use these features).
  4. Printed on perforated paper
  5. Payment stub that can easily be torn away and included in the return envelope.

Snail Mail Pricing

Snail mail invoices may only be sent with the purchase of stamps which can be done from within your FreshBooks account. Sign up now to send yourself a free sample invoice.

# of Stamps Price Per Stamp
1 – 99 stamps $2.29
100 – 499 stamps $1.79
500+ stamps $1.49
1 stamp required for US/Canada
2 stamps required for international


  • Peace of mind. In just a few clicks, your invoicing will be taken care of and you can relax.
  • No more paper jams and "out of ink" scenarios.
  • Buy fewer envelopes, stamps, printer paper, expensive ink cartridges, and even avoid some paper cuts.
  • Get paid faster because your invoices get in the mail faster.
  • Avoid trips to the post office or local mailbox and save time. You might even save some gas.
  • Reduce customer support because your clients can service themselves and quickly access the online version of their invoices, review their account history and, if you permit, pay their invoices online.

"Brilliant! But then I did not expect anything else. It's already 1st class at the moment."

"The invoices are very well made, printed and folded. Very professional."

"Very professional. I liked the inclusion of the return envelope."