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Top 3 Best Employee Performance Management Software

Top 3 Best Employee Performance Management Software

Industries everywhere strive to adapt to changing work environments in their respective fields. As such, the need for competent performance management software is at an all-time high. But where do you turn when you need that reliable software?

Have you been researching the best employee performance management software? If so, then you can likely attest to the seemingly countless options available to you. Admittedly, it’s an overwhelming venture trying to sort through and narrow down the top picks.

That’s why we did it for you! If you’re like most business professionals, you have enough on your plate each day. Finding time to test and measure various software is a task you’d probably rather avoid.

In a moment, we’ll share our top 3 picks for the best employee performance management software. But first, let’s discuss what this software is so that we’re all caught up and on the same page moving forward.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What Is Employee Performance Management Software?

Our Top Picks

Key Takeaways

What Is Employee Performance Management Software?

The Human Resources (HR) department serves to help companies find the best candidates for their vacant positions. They also work to improve operations throughout the company. Today’s working environment is more competitive than ever before. And experienced HR professionals need to attract the right people for the job.

Not only that, but HR is responsible for retaining and managing new employees. In doing so, they and the company can flourish. This is where HR software solutions can help. By helping HR complete various tasks, employee performance management isn’t as daunting.

Such tasks include:

  • Payroll and performance management
  • Benefits management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Training

Thanks to the use of excellent human resource tools that can support the workforce, the company can increase productivity.

Independent performance management software solutions are out there. But it’s the integrated solutions that seem to be better for small- to medium-sized businesses. These solutions combine various HR tools and usually come at an affordable price.

Moreover, you can track and reflect employee performance in other components. One of which is payroll, which you can use for managing bonuses and salaries, for example.

Once you know what your business needs to succeed, you can invest in the appropriate software to tie everything together. And with our picks below, you should have no trouble doing just that.

Our Top Picks

We tried out dozens of performance management solutions and narrowed down the options you see below.


FreshBooks is a performance management platform that assists you in client management. With it, you get real-time feedback for running your projects. Thus, you can make adjustments where needed to ensure optimal goal management. 

With FreshBooks on your side, you have a wealth of financial tools all in one place, including:

When you have the tools to effectively manage your clients and team, you can provide the best service and improve employee engagement. And when you can build a meaningful relationship with each member of your team, employee development improves.

Staying connected is key in meeting both client and employee goals. With FreshBooks, this is easier than ever. What’s more, you can assign members of your team to client access. 

As a performance management tool, FreshBooks excels in its ability to assist you in achieving your company goals. And when you can do that, talent management naturally improves, as well.


BambooHR is a human resource (HR) management software. It provides many features and functions in a user-friendly software package.

There are a lot of excellent and intuitive features here that make it worth a look. With BambooHR, you get:

  • Performance management
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee onboarding
  • Applicant tracking
  • Time-off tracking
  • HR reporting

You can then use this software in conjunction with things like performance reviews. As talent management software, BambooHR hits the mark. It’s a breeze reviewing performance reports and bringing team performance together.


Its human resources tools aren’t as robust as, say, FreshBooks. But the Deputy still has enough up its sleeve to aid you in your employee performance review processes. We found that Deputy’s biggest strength is its shift management capabilities. 

Here, you can handily schedule shifts for better access to employee engagement and goal tracking. When you factor in the HR tools, talent management is less taxing on your business. As such, you’ll have an easier time hitting your business goals.

What’s more, Deputy has some of the lowest pricing plans in its class. Sure, you’re not getting a powerhouse like FreshBooks. But there are enough software features here to help you with continuous performance management. 

Key Takeaways

In the end, FreshBooks’ impressive suite of performance management systems takes the top spot. Achieving your strategic goals is handled expertly as a result. Looking for even more small business support? Be sure to explore our Resource Hub for the latest news and information.