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3 Best Online Project Management Tools & Software

3 Best Online Project Management Tools & Software

Project management software is an online collaboration application. With it, everyone involved in the project can log in and see what they need to be working on. They can also record their progress on these tasks and add relevant details, such as notes about any changes.

People with the correct permission level can see what others are doing or need to do and when. For one or more people managing the project, the app provides a clear overview of the project and its health status. Are all tasks completed on time?

If one task is late, how does this affect the expected deadlines of other tasks? If the designated person is sick, can someone take over the urgent task? Project management tools and software help you overcome these challenges.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

FreshBooks Client Management

Zoho Projects


Key Takeaways

FreshBooks Client Management

FreshBooks client management keeps you in touch with your customers. Plus, you can better manage:

  • Customer estimates
  • Payments
  • Invoices
  • Credits

And you have control over other essential financial information. In addition, this amazing suite of tools is all in one easy-to-use place.

This makes it easier to track customers. In addition, getting to know your customers better allows you to provide them with the best service. FreshBooks allows your customers to understand and participate in the project.

And you can manage your remote teams on complex projects. This ensures optimal team collaborations. When you have access to your entire team through FreshBooks, it’s easier to meet project timelines. Your project tasks are more manageable than ever, thanks to this collaboration tool.

Therefore, you and your clients and team are always on the same page. And use time tracking to record billable hours. You can record all your work on unlimited projects and send more accurate invoices. When using FreshBooks, you will get better customer relationships.

Communication and transparency are great ways to get customers interested in their projects. Therefore, this relationship flourishes through the customer experience. FreshBooks client management also includes comments, project collaboration, file sharing, and more.

With FreshBooks client management, you can use it to effectively grow your business and expand your customer base. Want to try FreshBooks before you buy? No problem, as there’s a free trial that lets you get a feel for this powerful tool.

Zoho Projects

If you have a tight budget but need to provide reliable project management solutions for your team, Zoho Projects is worth a look. Of course, it lacks some notable features that make it less accessible than other project team applications.

But in terms of price, Zoho Projects has its own advantages. You get more advanced options. And Zoho Projects allows you to track time, manage project performance, and monitor task progress.

Zoho Projects’ advanced features allow you to configure the application to your liking. This provides you with greater project insight. It is great to see seamless integration with third-party software. Zoho Projects may not be the most intuitive project tracking software.

But it provides enough tools to meet many of your project management needs. Perhaps most importantly, if your team has no more than 3 people, you can use the free version of Zoho Projects. Limited, of course, but very suitable for small businesses there.


LiquidPlanner allows for team productivity to shine and complete your project schedule. Thanks to smart AI, this project tracking software uses resource-based predictive scheduling technology. 

With it, LiquidPlanner will consider the priority of tasks and the resources needed to complete them. It also looks for any uncertainty in your task.

These features will eventually focus on highlighting the right work at the right time. It does so while making decisions that benefit your business. 

Unlike FreshBooks, LiquidPlanner’s project tracking tool requires agile development to learn. Even so, you may still find yourself trying to put everything together to work properly.

Therefore, project planning sometimes feels a bit clumsy. But if you have extra time and patience to learn its know-how, LiquidPlanner may provide you with good service. Please note that LiquidPlanner is very expensive. 

Therefore, it may reject potential customers who can take full advantage of it. That being said, there is a free version that can be used by teams of less than 10 people.

Key Takeaways

Thanks to project management software from FreshBooks, you get insightful reports. You can improve your team and customer service for the best solution possible. It’s easier than ever to keep track of tasks and time management. 

This mighty yet simple project management software is the ultimate solution for your business. Need more support? Be sure to check out our Resource Hub for even more information on project management apps and more.