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How to Keep Your Freelance Business on the Right Track

How to Keep Your Freelance Business on the Right Track

Most freelancers have a fairly solid idea of how they want their business to look when they are just getting things started. This can—and will—change over time, especially as the freelancer learns more about the industry, and becomes savvier at running their own operation and working for themselves. Sometimes these deviations are positive because they help make processes more efficient. There are other times, however, when a freelancer can find themselves steering off course—and this can potentially become harmful for their business.

How to Stay on Track

Staying on track is key to success in freelancing. But how can you ensure consistency in our ever-changing world? Recently many more people have been working remotely, which has had a huge impact on the workforce. Especially for those who were accustomed to physically attending certain places for their jobs. More and more people are having to adapt in order to continue to thrive. Adaptation means change, but it’s important that any changes you adopt in your business practices are beneficial.

In order to stay on track, you need to constantly remind yourself of what exactly it is you wish to achieve in your business. Why did you start this freelance business? What was your goal? Take yourself back to the beginning of your freelancing career and recall your motivations at that time. This will help realign your focus and can also offer you a good indication of how far you have strayed from those initial goals.

Set Short-term Goals

Maintaining daily plans and short-term goals is another way of keeping your freelance business moving in the right direction. For example, many freelance drivers use mileage tracker apps in order to monitor their daily vehicle use, which can provide a snapshot of what they have achieved each day. It’s also one of those processes that people are prone to forgetting about, which can result in lost money. Similarly, freelance writers should keep records of all the content they produce. This is important both for their portfolio and paper trail should they need to reference anything in the future.

Having tangible records of the work you have done can help you see your own progress. It can also help in terms of making comparisons—you’ll see where you were in the beginning and where you are now. This kind of timeline analysis is another helpful way of keeping yourself on track.


If you identify that you have strayed from your initial business ideas and goals in a way that you don’t feel comfortable with, then it’s critical you take action. Doing this sooner rather than later is ideal as it will minimize the amount of work you will need to do down the road in order to get yourself back on track. Remember that it’s important not to panic or be too hard on yourself if you do find that your freelance business has drifted off track. The essential thing is to take the steps you need to realign your goals and start moving your business in the right direction.


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