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I Make a Living is a travelling event series powered by FreshBooks. Be sure to sign up below for the Toronto edition on July 21st.

#IMakeaLiving is a free monthly event that sparks a conversation about how other freelancers make a living and navigate the changing marketplace.

Expert Panelists

Learn from your industry's best and brightest like David Feldman and Bill Morrison.

Grow Your Business

The connections you make at these events will not only deepen your support network, they can also help you grow your network.

Networking Opportunities

Come meet your fellow entrepreneurs and find out how they make a living in your city.

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Saul Colt speaking at #IMakeaLiving event
Small business owners speaking at #IMakeaLiving
Very impressed, and it was inspiring to meet the folks I did get to meet. I look forward to connecting with more folks here MARK SHOOLERY, Art Director
I Make A Living...led to me developing a new relationship that will help me with my business JENNIFER GOYETTE, Creative Marketing Consultant
Small business owners listening to a speaker at #iMakeaLiving
Small business owner and FreshBooks customer enjoying one of the speaker sessions
June 29, 2017

Highlights from #imakealiving NYC and Looking Ahead to Toronto

June 15, 2017

#imakealiving NYC is Sold Out [+Venue Update]

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