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Integration by 2Ship

2Ship integrates with FreshBooks to help your business ship smarter. Save time and money by comparing shipping costs and finding the best rate and service every time you ship.


Integration Summary

  • Send Client names and addresses to 2Ship when new Invoices are created/sent to your Clients so you are able to create shipping labels easily.

  • Record shipping costs in FreshBooks as either a new line item on the Invoice (if you would like to charge your Client for this) or as an Expense.

  • It can’t be set up on existing 2Ship accounts unless 2Ship support enables this setting on their end (please follow the sign-up link below to set up a free 2Ship account).

About 2Ship

2Ship is the best-in-class, multi-carrier solution to manage all your shipping needs. Centralize all your shipping (Same Day courier to Full Truck Load). Over 300 supported carriers across the world. Rate Shop to find the best service for your needs.

The 2Ship app is here to help make your shipping life easier, save time and money:

  • One login for all your shipping needs.
  • Lower shipping costs by comparing services and rates.
  • Get automated and eliminate wasted hours manually shipping and updating invoices.
  • Increase accuracy in billing and recording shipping costs.
  • Add more services with competitive freight rates from 2Ship so you’re paying the least amount possible for every shipment.

How it Works

Connect your FreshBooks account with 2Ship to automatically bring orders/invoices from FreshBooks into 2Ship.

  • Configure your Settings: how often and which invoices orders to ship; how to automatically record the shipping expense and/or customer charges for shipping
  • Simply scan or enter the invoice number in 2Ship
  • All shipment information is automatically loaded into the shipping screen
  • Get all available services in real time and shop rates
  • Select the service and get your shipping labels
  • Scan your next order

2Ship automatically updates the order status and shipping charges in FreshBooks, adds the tracking number and a link to track that shipment from FreshBooks.

How to Get Started

Steps to Connect

  1. Sign up for 2Ship here
  2. Click on the Settings in the menu on the top left
  3. Click on Store Connections
  4. Press Add New Connection Wizard
  5. Select FreshBooks from the dropdown
  6. Login to your FreshBooks account using your FreshBooks login credentials.
  7. Configure your settings for how orders upload to 2Ship and how shipping information is updated in FreshBooks.
  8. Save your settings and watch your orders start to queue up in 2Ship!

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