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Integration by Chaser

Chaser accounts receivable automation software gets you paid faster without losing the human touch, by connecting with your FreshBooks account.

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About Chaser

Chaser is an accounts receivable automation software. Get paid faster without losing the human touch. The top-rated receivables software, designed for businesses selling on payment terms. Chaser user get

  • Invoices paid 16+ days sooner
  • Save 15+ hours per week on accounts receivable tasks
  • Reduce days sales outstanding by 75% + –
  • Maintain great customer relationships

How it Works With FreshBooks

Connecting your FreshBooks account with Chaser creates 2-way sync between the customer, invoice and payments data in your FreshBooks account and the Chaser software. Once the 2-way sync is completed (this takes just two minutes!) all of your customer and invoice data will be in the Chaser software, so you are ready to start better chasing, optimising and tracking your receivables!

To ensure you are chasing based on the most up to date data, Chaser syncs with FreshBooks every hour on the hour, before any Chaser payment reminder is sent, and can be synced on-demand when you choose, too.

Steps to Connect

  1. Start your free trial by clicking this link
  2. Login to Chaser by creating a password
  3. Connect to FreshBooks by selecting from the ‘accounting system’ options and enter your FreshBooks user credentials
  4. Get started by following the easy quick-start guide in the Chaser software

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