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Integration by ClicData

ClicData integrates with FreshBooks to allow you to better understand your business performance.

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About ClicData

ClicData connects with pretty much every data source thanks to our native connectors or through APIs. As FreshBooks is world-class accounting software, we created a dedicated connector for this application to facilitate data import. ClicData is more than just a data visualization tool. Our biggest differentiator is that we are truly a Business Intelligence platform as we include a data warehouse and ETL features to manage your data. 

Main features:

  • Native connector to FreshBooks.
  • Includes a data warehouse and ETL features: data merge, data combining, data cleansing, data transformation.
  • Custom data refresh schedule.
  • Custom alerts settings.
  • Drag and drop dashboard designer (we also offer dashboard examples and templates).
  • Collaboration and sharing features: comments, notifications, sharing by LiveLinks or email delivery.
  • Dashboards can be embedded in your website, internal portal, application.

How it Works With FreshBooks

  • Stay informed at all times with our automation features: set up alerts and notifications whenever your thresholds are reached. 
  • Make sense of your financial flows by merging your FreshBooks data with other data sources like marketing, sales, e-commerce.
  • Make informed decisions based on the latest data thanks to real-time reports. Schedule data refreshes as you see fit. 

How To Get Started

1. Create your free trial account or log in to your account here
2. Click on “Data” in the main menu
3. Click on “Add New” 
4. Select “FreshBooks” in the list of connectors
5. Authorize access to your FreshBooks account
6. Select the data you want to import (Clients, Expenses, Invoices, Invoice Detail, Payments, Projects, Time Entries)
7. Choose the data refresh routine (weekly, hourly…) 
8. Import and you’re good to go!

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