About eazyBI

With eazyBI you can easily import your invoice and timesheet data from your FreshBooks account and start building custom reports in minutes. With several predefined sample reports and charts, you will be up to speed in no time. You can also create your own custom reports, charts, and dashboards, or add powerful custom calculated measures. With automatic daily data updates, your reports will be always up-to-date.

How it works with FreshBooks

  • Analyze your FreshBooks timesheets by billable, invoiced, and budgeted hours.
  • Keep track of your billable, invoiced, or un-invoiced amounts and expenses.
  • View your numbers by client, project, task, status, or person and compare or narrow it down to any specific time period.
  • Analyze your FreshBooks invoice amounts, items, discounts, taxes, issued and due dates.
  • Drill into details by the invoiced client, project, status, item, time, or currency.
  • Automatically convert your amounts in one currency to compare and analyze — thanks to currency exchange fields.
  • Go directly to you FreshBooks data page from any client, project, or invoice, to access specific details.
  • Customize FreshBooks reports and dashboards by adding powerful custom calculated measures.

How To Get Started

Steps to connect:

  1. Go to the eazyBI website and sign up for a free trial.
  2. Log in to your eazyBI account and go to “Source Data” page.
  3. Select “FreshBooks” source application, choose a name for the report cube, and click “Create”.
  4. Select your FreshBooks version and click “Continue”. If you are using the Classic FreshBooks, you will need to enter your FreshBooks site URL.
  5. After being redirected to FreshBooks authorization page, provide your user credentials to authorize access for eazyBI.

Congratulations, you are now connected to eazyBI. FreshBooks data will be imported automatically every day, now, all you have to think about is your business.