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Integration by Everlance

Everlance automatically tracks your mileage and instantly finds other hidden deductions, and integrates FreshBooks to save you even more money and time.


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Integration Summary

  • Import multiple trips to FB as expenses
  • Turn mileage into deductions for tax purposes
  • Import revenue for a specific date range as “Other Income” into FreshBooks when generating an export
  • Import expenses for a specific date range into FreshBooks when generating an Export
  • It can’t import individual trips (trips are bundled by date range)
  • It can’t automatically import trips to FreshBooks (has to be manually done)
  • It can’t recognize dates you’ve already imported, so duplicate expenses can occur if you import it twice
  • It can’t import individual income entries (they are bundled by the exported date range)
  • It can’t import the details of Income or Expenses (such as notes, category, etc)

About Everlance

Save time and money by capturing every single business mile, effortlessly. Track your mileage automatically with Everlance (the #1-rated mileage and expense tracking app), then send it right into your FreshBooks account.

>>>New FreshBooks add-on special<<<
The first 30 users get 6 months of Everlance premium FREE (a $48 value) after they connect Everlance with FreshBooks. Other FreshBooks users will get 2 months free.

Save time
No more pen and paper. Everlance automatically tracks your mileage for you. 

Save money
The average Everlance subscriber deducts over $6,500 per year. Plus, the cost of a subscription is tax deductible.

Get peace of mind
Everlance’s reports are IRS-compliant and audit-ready. So you can rest easy.

How To Get Started

1) Get Everlance for FreshBooks at
2) Log into the web dashboard at
2) Go to “Create Data Export”, click “Send to Integrations”, then “Add Integration”
3) Authorize FreshBooks
4) Make sure the FreshBooks icon is selected, then click “Generate Export”
5) Go to “Expenses” in your FreshBooks account, and you’ll see the Everlance totals as expense lines! Magic!

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