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Freshbooks Tested


Integration by Gusto

Gusto integrates with FreshBooks to automatically import your payroll transactions for more accurate expense tracking and more accurate books.

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Integration Summary

  • After payroll is run in Gusto an expense is created in FreshBooks 
  • If payroll is cancelled in Gusto the corresponding expense is also removed from FreshBooks

About Gusto

Gusto is fundamentally changing how the world works by empowering everyone to put people first. Gusto reimagines payroll, benefits, HR, and personal finance by automating the most complicated, impersonal business tasks and making them simple and delightful. Here are just some of the ways Gusto’s payroll software simplifies all of the tedious tasks that come along with growing your team:

  • Payroll can be set to run on a recurring pay schedule that suits your needs
  • Local, state and federal payroll taxes are automatically calculated, paid and filed for you
  • Employees get their own login so they can onboard themselves, access paystubs, W-2’s, 1099’s and more
This application is a Top Pick, this may mean that the third party application is a popular application with FreshBooks Users.
This application is FreshBooks Tested, this means that FreshBooks has tested the functional integration of the FreshBooks platform with the third party application.

How To Get Started

Steps to connect

  1. From your FreshBooks dashboard, select the Settings menu in the top left corner of the navigation pane. 
  2. In the Settings fly-out, select Payroll
  3. Sign up for a free Gusto trial to get started, or connect an existing Gusto account.
  4. Set-up the FreshBooks integration by logging into Gusto and clicking on the App Directory from the left-navigation menu. 
  5. Search for FreshBooks by either typing “FreshBooks” in the search field or click on Popular and then click on FreshBooks
  6. Click on Connect if you have an existing FreshBooks account or click on Create Account if you want to set up a FreshBooks account. 
  7. In the Connecting to FreshBooks pop-up window choose “” and click Connect
  8. Authorize Gusto to connect to your FreshBooks account
  9. If you have more than one account, choose the preferred account and click Connect to FreshBooks
  10. On the Payroll page in FreshBooks, you’ll be able to see that the integration is connected once setup is successfully completed. 

Mapping payroll categories

In order for your Gusto payroll transactions to successfully be categorized in FreshBooks, you’ll need to set up your expense mappings in Gusto.

To do this simply label each Gusto payroll item with the relevant category from FreshBooks.

You will only be able to match to the standard categories. If you create a custom expense category in FreshBooks, you will not see it as an option in Gusto.

Note that ‘employee taxes’ will be recorded as part of the Wages expense category, and ’employer taxes’ will be recorded as a separate expense category.

How It Works With FreshBooks

Running Payroll

From the Payroll settings page, select run payroll. You will be brought into Gusto to complete the payroll run.

Tracking & reviewing payroll expenses

Once the pay run has been completed in Gusto, you will see the transactions recorded as expenses in FreshBooks.

There are two ways you can track and review your Gusto payroll expenses in FreshBooks.

In Expenses:

  1. Select Expenses from the main navigation
  2. Imported Gusto entries will be displayed with Gusto as the vendor.
  3. You can use the search bar to:
  4. See all of your Gusto expenses
  5. Filter your Gusto expenses by date
  6. Filter your Gusto expenses by its description (i.e. Regular Wage, Sick Pay, etc.

In your expense report:

  1. Select Reports from the main navigation and click on Expense Report
  2. Using your filters, group your records by Vendor to see your Gusto entries displayed together
  3. Export your Expense Report to Excel

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