About Hey Eliot

Eliot is a personal bookkeeping bot designed to make the most mundane tasks fun and conversational. Users can track time, create invoices and view reports right from Facebook Messenger, and Eliot is fully synced to your FreshBooks account.

How it Works With FreshBooks 

Eliot integrates directly with FreshBooks so your accounting information is always up to date. Simply tell Eliot to track time, create invoices or show reports. Eliot updates your FreshBooks account with time entries and invoices, saving you time and allowing you to manage your business from any device, using a familiar, conversational interface.

How To Get Started

You simply need to have a Facebook account to get started talking to Eliot. 

Steps to Connect 

  1. Like our Facebook page: Hey Eliot.
  2. Say ‘Hi’ to Eliot on Facebook Messenger.
  3. Type ‘setup’.
  4. Connect Eliot to your FreshBooks account by logging in from within Facebook Messenger.
  5. Start tracking time! You easily create a time entry by typing ‘log 3 hours’ for example.