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Integration by Klipfolio

Klipfolio app integrates with FreshBooks via Zapier to allow you to build world-class dashboards that give you, your team and your clients insight into your performance.


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About Klipfolio

Klipfolio makes it easy and affordable to build and share real-time dashboards. It connects to 400+ data sources and has 100+ pre-built visualizations to help you get started in minutes. Combine data from multiple data sources into a single visualization to build the metrics you need to run your business.

How it works with FreshBooks

Connecting your FreshBooks and Klipfolio accounts via Zapier helps you automate your accounting. Update your Klipfolio dashboard when any of the following actions occur:

  • a new client is created in FreshBooks
  • a new staff member is entered in FreshBooks
  • a new expense or invoice is created in FreshBooks
  • a new payment is entered in FreshBooks

How To Get Started

What you need:

  • FreshBooks account
  • Klipfolio account
  • Zapier account

Steps to connect:

  1. Go to Zapier to create or log into your account.
  2. Connect your Klipfolio and FreshBooks account to Zapier.
  3. Choose what data you want to be synced.
  4. Your data will now automatically sync between Klipfolio and FreshBooks.

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