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Integration by Mailform

Mailform integrates with FreshBooks to help you send unpaid invoices without dealing with envelopes, stamps or the post office again. 

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Integration Summary

  • Send unpaid invoices by physical mail from within your FreshBooks account.

  • Send invoices internationally (+$2 for non US addresses).

  • Automatically send out physical invoices that are part of a Recurring Template

About Mailform

The easiest way to snail mail your FreshBooks invoices. Mailform was built to make sending mail easier. The old school way requires a printer, stamps and envelopes. Ran out of stamps? Now you have to go to the store or even worse the post office. The process is clunky, time consuming, and wasteful. Mailform does all of this in about 5 minutes…2 if you’re really trying hard!

Mailform retrieves customer names, addresses and invoices directly from your FreshBooks account, prints them, stuffs the envelopes, stamps them and hands them over to the USPS for you.

How it works with FreshBooks

The integration allows a customer to see all unpaid invoices within the selected company. You can then pick which invoices to mail via USPS First Class mail. Mailform will handle printing out the invoices, stuffing them in an envelope and handing over the envelopes to the USPS for delivery. Mailform also marks the original invoice as SENT in FreshBooks once the invoice is printed. 

Discounted prices from our partner:

Standard Class Option

Price Per Stamp

0 – 99 Stamps


100 – 499 Stamps 


500< Stamps


Note: This app requires in-app purchasing to send mail. 

How to Get Started

Steps to Connect: Click here to log into your FreshBooks account and follow the prompts. 

Once the integration is connected you’ll be able interact with it from within your FreshBooks account. Look for “Integrations” in the left-menu bar. (Note: you may have to refresh your browser.) 

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