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Integration by Malartu

Malartu integrates with FreshBooks to help teams organize, analyze, and make better decisions with their data.

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About Malartu

Malartu is a collaborative analytics platform for small businesses and their advisors. No code or technical expertise required. Just point, click, and build relevant, insightful analytics in minutes. Share with any stakeholder in your business.

Blend data from multiple sources, make custom calculations, aggregate data from multiple businesses and more. Using Malartu’s no-code platform, anyone on your team can put your data to work. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to arrive at specific dashboards and reports without the use of code or technical expertise. Collaborative analytics is about connecting all the stakeholders in your business. Malartu gives you the freedom to create workspaces for trusted advisors such as accountants, marketing consultants, investors, franchisors, and more.

How it Works with FreshBooks

With Malartu, teams can analyze FreshBooks data using pre-built dashboard templates or create their own for answering specific questions in their business. These dashboards and reports update in real time alongside other connected integrations. Blend FreshBooks data with data from other programs to create metrics specific to your business.

Questions you can answer by integrating FreshBooks

  • How much have we invoiced vs what has actually been paid?
  • What is our utilization rate?
  • How has our net profit grown over time?
  • What is my Customer Lifetime Value?

Popular metrics associated with FreshBooks

  • AR Days
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Revenue Growth
  • Utilization Rate

Steps to Connect

  1. Sign up and create your organization on Malartu.
  2. From any workspace, navigate to Data Sources > Integrations and cctivate FreshBooks from the integration page
  3. Follow the FreshBooks authentication process.
  4. After authentication, select which FreshBooks account you would like to read data from.
  5. You’re all set! Find a template that fits your needs or start from scratch by building your first board.


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