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Freshbooks Tested

Integration by CRM app integrates with FreshBooks to help you track and close deals without spending hours filling out forms.

Integration Summary

  • You can transfer leads from You Don’t Need a CRM to clients in FreshBooks when you send an estimate
  • You can see estimate totals inside You Don’t Need a CRM
  • Lead status is automatically updated when the estimate is accepted
  • You can take contact information from FreshBooks estimate and create a lead in You Don’t Need a CRM
  • You can’t create invoices for your leads

About is an easy-to-use lead management software geared to help sales teams work smarter and close more deals even on-the-go.

By placing the lead in the heart of the software, it enables sales teams to create leads in just seconds from any source (contact forms, business cards, emails, LinkedIn, etc) and manage them on an interactive feed easily accessible from anywhere. is perfect for small to medium sized businesses with 1-200 employees who need an efficient sales management solution. The Starter edition comes with standard features such as fast lead generation, calendar sync, lead alerts, sales process customization and follow-ups.

Our Expert edition for demanding sales people or bigger sales teams comes with more advanced features such as multiple pipelines, post-sales processes, estimated closing date, revenue forecasts, team management for advanced privacy settings. 

Full support, weekly webinars, other help resources and a mobile app are available.

How It Works With FreshBooks

By connecting with your FreshBooks account, you can create a FreshBooks estimate for any lead. Manage the full sales cycle from initial contact to final invoice within From any lead you’ll be able to create a FreshBooks estimate and link FreshBooks estimates or invoices to your leads. Once linked, if an estimate is accepted by a client, the corresponding lead is automatically set to “Won” and subsequent invoices will be attached to the lead.

How to Get Started

Steps to connect:

  1. Create a free trial account by visiting the
  2. Log in to your account and click on the ‘Admin’ tab in the left nav
  3. Under the ‘Connect’ section, click on FreshBooks
  4. Copy and paste your FreshBooks subdomain and click to connect
  5. When prompted, enter your FreshBooks credentials and click to allow access
  6. Once you’ve connected, ‘Create a FreshBooks estimate’ will appear under the Actions menu for each lead

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