About OneSaas

Automatically share data between popular accounting, ecommerce, fulfillment, CRM, billing & invoicing and email marketing applications.

When your business apps get along, everyone’s happy

Forget spreadsheets, time-wasting synch-ups or manual data transfers. Get OneSaas and get all your business apps talking to each other, sharing data, and making life easier. And with a Free Plan to trial our service, you’ll be even happier.

Choose how Freshbooks connects to your other apps:

  • Invoices – Invoices can be extracted from FreshBooks and forwarded to other apps like Saasu or Xero. OneSaas can also generate invoices in FreshBooks from data received from your other apps.
  • Invoice Payments – FreshBooks payments can be matched to clearing accounts in other accounting apps.
  • Contacts (Coming Soon!)- Full Contact Management including merging and synchronization is supported.

Here’s How It Works:

Get OneSaas and you’ll have Freshbooks and your team of business apps talking, sharing data and getting on with each other – leaving you more time to get on with business.


  • OneSaas connects your apps in minutes, not hours
  • OneSaas syncs your data hourly, or daily (depending on your Plan)
  • OneSaas lets you add other apps when needed

OneSaas teams over 50 of the most popular apps from Accounting, Billing and Invoicing, Contact Management, CRM, Email Marketing, Event Management and Shipping, Logistics & Inventory Management to perform at their peak, without having you having to lift a finger.

Healthy data for a happier business

OneSaas automatically makes sure the data in your apps is always the same. If anything doesn’t match, we’ll let you know – it’s all part of the service.

No set up fees and no contracts

Try OneSaas for Free (limitations apply) and when you’re ready sail into an affordable monthly plan.

OneSaas. Now everyone’s happy.

How To Get Started

Connecting your FreshBooks and other business apps via OneSaas helps you automate your accounting.

  • Accounting – when you create an invoice and customer in FreshBooks, it will be created in your accounting app too. You can also sync products and payments with apps like QuickBooks Online, Xero and more!
  • Ecommerce – when an order is placed, the invoice will be created in FreshBooks. You can also sync products and payments with apps like Bigcommerce, Shopify and more!
  • CRM – when an invoice is created in FreshBooks it’s created in your CRM (and also vice versa for Zoho CRM). Also sync contacts and products. Apps include Zoho CRM and Salesforce.
  • Email Marketing – when a new contact is created in FreshBooks, it’s added to your email marketing list. Apps include MailChimp.

Steps to Connect:

  1. Create a free trial account with OneSaas (no credit card required)
  2. Connect FreshBooks and enter my.freshbooks.com for the link
  3. Add one or more app you want FreshBooks to connect with
  4. Configure by selecting the data you want to send from one app to another
  5. Preview, send data and finish