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Freshbooks Tested Payment Plans

Integration by Payment Plans payment plans app integrates with FreshBooks to improve your cash flow by making it easy to offer custom, flexible payment plans to your customers Payment Plans

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Integration Summary

  • It can work with multiple businesses
  • It can set up a custom payment plan on the invoice for clients to make multiple payments on
  • Fees added by for the client will sync back to the invoice
  • will update the invoice with payments as they are entered
  • It can’t create a separate invoice for each charge

About Payment Plans

Start collecting payments from customers that owe and improve your cashflow by giving them the option of a flexible payment plan.

Customize payment plans by adjusting the down payment, optional fee, term and payment frequency.

Pricing is simple, straightforward and includes all merchant processing fees. We’ll never charge any monthly fees or hidden fees.

How it works with FreshBooks

All of your FreshBooks invoices with an open balance will be displayed in a convenient list in your merchant portal.

Quickly and easily send payment plans from your FreshBooks invoices. To really give you cashflow a kickstart, select all of your invoices with an open balance and quickly and easily send a payment plan payment option to all of your customers that owe.

When a customer opens a payment plan, payments will be automatically sent to your FreshBooks account – no manual entries are required.

Eliminate collections headaches, increase cashflow and customer satisfaction with custom, flexible payment plan payment options.

How To Get Started

Steps to connect:

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account on the homepage.

  2. Connect your account to your FreshBooks account following the simple steps in our support documentation.

  3. Select one, multiple or all of your FreshBooks invoices with an open balance, and quickly and easily send a payment plan payment option to your customer(s).

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