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Integration by PlanMan

PlanMan integrates with FreshBooks to allow you to keep your contacts and invoices in sync.

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About PlanMan

PlanMan is an Online project management solution designed by town planners and architects for town planners, architects and technical consultancies.
Free up time spent on administrative tasks, enabling more time to be spent on chargeable work.

How it Works With FreshBooks

Post your PlanMan contacts to FreshBooks as Clients! then sync your PlanMan invoices into FreshBooks, and control your accounting side of the business.

Steps to Connect

1. Go to setting in the PlanMan app.
2. Click on Integrations, and select FreshBooks.
3. On the first launch, click Connect to FreshBooks and provide OAuth credentials.
4. When creating a Client/Invoice in PlanMan, click the tab on the top right, which opens the integration information page.
5. Select send to FreshBooks on the integration tab.

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