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Roger acts as a layer of automation with your accounting system. Using Zapier and Roger together, power-up your FreshBooks account.

Connect Roger + FreshBooks

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About Roger

Roger is designed to give you and your team time back by getting all daily financial work done faster through automated workflows for things like bill pay, approvals, compliance and expenses.

A single inbox for all your expenses

Send, upload, or take a picture of bills and receipts and let Roger scan, recognize and send all the data to your accounting system.

Advanced workflow automation

Create automated workflows with multi-step approvals based on amounts, vendors, people, and more. Automate categorization and reconciliation.

Intelligent accounts payable

Use Roger to automatically pay your bills based on the rules you set, and without worrying about due dates and payment methods.

How it Works With FreshBooks

When Roger integrates with FreshBooks, businesses can automate tedious accounting tasks like expense approvals, vendor management, bill pay and data entry. This integration is offered through Zapier. To learn more about what information can be passed between Roger and FreshBooks please click here.

How To Connect

What You Need:

  • FreshBooks account
  • Roger account
  • Zapier account

Steps To Connect: 

1. Sign up for Roger.
2. Install Roger’s Zapier integration.
3. Set up a Zap to send data from Roger to FreshBooks

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