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Integration by Square

Automatically import all of the sales you make on Square into FreshBooks.

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About Square

Square creates tools that help sellers of all sizes start, run and grow their businesses. Square’s point-of-sale service offers tools for every part of running a business, from accepting credit cards and tracking inventory to real-time analytics.

If you’re not a Square customer yet, sign up through these links to receive free processing on up to $2000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days! 

If you’re based in the US, sign up here

If you’re based in Canada, sign up here

If you’re based in the UK, sign up here. Ireland, sign up here

If you’re based in Australia, sign up here

How it Works With FreshBooks

Automatically import all of the prior day’s transaction data from Square into FreshBooks – allocating any payments, refunds, fees and sales tax. Square sellers who use FreshBooks can reconcile their Square transaction in one click, saving you the time on manually entering individual sales.

Square syncs with FreshBooks through the Income Importer connector, and transactions will show up under Other Income in FreshBooks. 

Steps to Connect

  1. To turn on the Income Importer connector click here.
  2. Click Connect beside Square and follow the authentication flow to log into your account. If you don’t have a Square account yet, use the links above to receive a special discount!
  3. Once you connect you can run an initial sync of data from any historical start date, and leave the integration on for on-going transaction syncs. After running an initial sync, on-going sync will automatically be turned on.
    Note: To turn off the on-going sync of data, just toggle the integration to “off”

You’re set up! All transactions from your Square account will show up under Other Income in FreshBooks. 

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Freshbooks Tested

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