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Integration by Strapped

Strapped integrates with FreshBooks to help you make informed business decisions by getting a handle on your cash flow.


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About Strapped

Strapped allows customers to forecast their cash flow, which leads to making empowered business decisions. With daily, weekly and monthly outlooks, repeat transactions and multiple accounts, as well as upcoming features like team collaboration and scenarios, your business is sure to avoid becoming cash-strapped.

How it Works with FreshBooks

Strapped uses your live FreshBooks data as a starting point, from which you can view your current, and project your future cash flow. Strapped does not push data into FreshBooks, so your books are always the source of truth.

Steps to Connect

  1. Click here to start a free trial on Strapped
  2. Click on the “Sign up with FreshBooks” button to sign into your FreshBooks account. If you already have a FreshBooks account you can log in and then click the button to allow Strapped access to your FreshBooks data (otherwise, you can use the “Sign up” link to create a new FreshBooks account).
  3. You can then choose the FreshBooks business you would like to sync with your Strapped account.
  4. You’re now all set – your FreshBooks and Strapped accounts will now continuously be in sync

Please note: the initial sync between FreshBooks and Strapped may take a few minutes if you have a lot of FreshBooks accounting records.

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