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Integration by timeBro

timeBro is a software that automatically records the time you spend with emails, documents or on websites, so you don’t forget to invoice a minute of billable time

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About timeBro

timeBro is a tool that automatically records all your computer activities like how much you spend on a certain document, website, or email, etc.

  • timeBro makes your time tracking as easy and accurate as possible
  • It automatically records all your computer activities and lists them in a memory aid, so you can easily see what you were working on and make sure to bill every minute of it.

How it Works With FreshBooks

  • The user authenticates and then imports his Clients/Projects and custom fields to timeBro
  • In timeBro, the User creates time entries on his FreshBooks Clients/Projects, based on the automatically generated timeBro Memory Aid
  • The User then sends those time entries with one click to FreshBooks

Steps to Connect

  • Create a timeBro account on the timeBro website:
  • Select FreshBooks as a project software (If you go via the landing page, FreshBooks will be preselected)
  • Install timeBro and follow the configuration instructions
  • Import your FreshBook Projects, create time entries, and export them to FreshBooks.

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