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Integration by TransferMate

FreshBooks customers who use TransferMate for international payments receive preferential exchange rates and no wire transfer fees.

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Contact TransferMate for help at: freshbooks@transfermate.com


About TransferMate

TransferMate is a global B2B payments technology firm, enabling companies to send and receive cross-border payments faster and easier than ever before. TransferMate’s network of global payments licences includes the OECD and 51 US states and territories, to support trading in 162 countries and growing. Leading banks, fintechs & software providers partner with TransferMate to offer an enhanced user experience for their business customers. Using TransferMate’s technology and global banking infrastructure, companies benefit from better exchange rates, greater transparency and improved reconciliation via direct integration into accounting and ERP systems.

How it Works

FreshBooks customers who use TransferMate for international payments receive preferential exchange rates and no wire transfer fees.

TransferMate offers:

  • Fast and efficient payment processing
  • No wire transfer fees, amount sent is the amount received
  • Lock in FX rates
  • Reduced admin by eliminating payment reconciliation
  • Simplified mass payments
  • Dedicated account manager and customer support 24/5
  • Automated payment status on all paid statuses for all parties of the payment

Note: there is no integration or automatic data sync between FreshBooks and TransferMate at this point. 

How to Get Started

  1. Head to the FreshBooks page on TransferMate to learn more.
  2. Click on “Sign up” at the top right side of the page.
  3. Register your free TransferMate account.
  4. Log into TransferMate to view live rates and book payments.

How to Use TransferMate with FreshBooks

  1. Once your TransferMate account is set up, retrieve your payment URL (this can be used for anyone sending you funds).
  2. Create your invoice in FreshBooks and include your TransferMate payment URL in the invoice Terms or Notes section.
  3. Send the invoice like you normally do to your cross-border client and your client will be able to visit the TransferMate payment page to make an international payment to you.

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