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Pest Control Invoice Template

Create invoices online in moments so you can focus on keeping your customers’ homes pest-free. FreshBooks offers simple invoicing solutions that get you paid twice as fast.

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The Best Invoicing for Pest Control

Create professional invoices to impress your clients and get paid for your services. Download your free pest control invoice template and start billing for your work today.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Pest Control Invoice Template

As an exterminator, invoicing your clients is a crucial part of the payment process. After all, getting rid of those pesky critters isn’t always an easy task.

With the helpful resources from FreshBooks, creating your own professional invoices has never been more convenient. You can skip the accountant and make invoicing an in-house job.

In just a few simple steps, you can send your first invoice and get paid in no time.

Get the pest control invoice in .PDF, .XLS, .DOC, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Browse all templates.

Download a Pest Control Invoice Template

Invoice with FreshBooks

Pest Control Work Order Template

You’ve killed the bugs and trapped the rodents. It’s time to get paid for removing the pests. Use the pest control work order template from FreshBooks to bill your clients the right way. What are you waiting for?

Download as:

What Is a Pest Control Invoice Used For?

Billing your clients is a crucial part of getting paid. Invoices are documents that are sent to clients to collect payment for services that have been provided.

In addition to notifying clients of an amount that they owe, well-written invoices can double as a tool to record financial information.

With the help of the resources from FreshBooks, you can create and send invoices in no time.

  • Record all financial information
  • Keep track of transactions
  • Avoid late payments and missed deadlines
  • Organize client account information
  • Record essential information for tax time
  • Keep bookkeeping quick and simple

How to Create a Pest Control Invoice

Creating a professional invoice for your pest control business has never been easier.

With the help of the pest control invoice template form FreshBooks, you can create and send invoices in no time so that you can start getting paid.

Download, customize and send. It is truly that easy. Are you ready to get paid?

  1. Download your free pest control invoice template from FreshBooks
  2. Insert your business name and contact information
  3. Customize with your business’s branding by adding your logo and media
  4. Fill in client’s name and contact information
  5. Create a unique invoice number
  6. Include an invoice issue date and payment due date
  7. Describe services provided with costs for each
  8. Calculate the total cost and add to the bottom of the invoice
  9. Add payment terms and instructions
  10. Save

People around the world are using the FreshBooks pest control invoice template to bill their clients the right way. Download the template to see what has got people buzzing from the US to the UK.

After you download the template, follow the simple steps to customize your invoice. When it is done, you can send it on its way and get paid in no time. How much easier could it be?

Types of Pest Control Invoices

You’ve surely dealt with a large variety of clients. With the help of FreshBooks, customized invoices are so easy to create.

It is important to select the perfect invoice type to bill your clients so that both parties are on the same page and the payment is made on time. There are a few different types of invoices to consider when you create your first bill.

  • Standard Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Prepayment Invoice
  • Time-Based Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Debit Invoice
  • Mixed Invoice

With the customizable invoice template, you can decide which type of invoice to create on a job to job basis. Which type of invoice will you use to bill for your pest control services?

If a pest control invoice template isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, FreshBooks has templates for handymansHVAC specialistsplumberscontractorshome inspectorsrooferselectricians and more.

Download Free Templates

Download a Pest Control Invoice Template for Free

Getting paid for your pest control services doesn’t have to be a nuisance. You can easily create detailed and professional invoices that allow your clients to pay you with ease.

All you’ve got to do to start is download the sample pest control invoice in PDF, Word, Excel or another application of your choice.

Customize the template in minutes and bill your clients in no time. No accountant necessary. Are you ready to get paid?

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with Freshbooks

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