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Launching the new FreshBooks – Act I

September 20, 2016
In This Letter…

  • Objectives of the new FreshBooks
  • Screenshots and Progress
  • What the Future Holds
  • Wrap Up

Today is a big day: it’s the official unveiling of the new FreshBooks. Since June, we’ve been running a phased rollout, but today we begin to ramp things up. This is just Act I of the launch, and we’re excited to share each and every Act that’s to come.

If you haven’t yet received your invitation to move from FreshBooks Classic to the new FreshBooks, you will in the coming weeks — we’re just putting the finishing touches on some features you use today. And remember, when you’re invited, you won’t be forced to switch.

Objectives of the New FreshBooks

I wrote a letter in February explaining why we decided to build the new FreshBooks. As a refresher, there were three objectives:

  • Simple Product – To make your experience easier, faster and modern
  • Natural Collaboration – To help you work seamlessly with clients and your teams
  • Faster Product Improvements – To deliver you more improvements faster and more frequently

The question is, how’s it going against these objectives?

Screenshots and Progress

Objective #1 – Simple Product

The first objective has always been a simple product. That’s why the new FreshBooks is ridiculously easy to use, yet packed with powerful features. It’s designed so you can get things done fast, and always know how your business is doing. Plus, it includes countless subtle improvements – things that may not seem important ‘til you experience how they save you time and help you better manage your business.

The Dashboard: Completely Redesigned

The Dashboard

With the new dashboard you’ll easily see your profitability at a glance so you’re never wondering how your business is performing.

Customizable Invoices: New and Improved


Wow your clients with customized invoices that prove you’re the real deal. More than that, there are now settings right beside your invoice that let you set invoice due dates, charge late fees and turn on online payment options.

Projects: All-New


Collaboration with your team is easy with Projects. You can keep all your important conversations and files in one place.

Time Tracking: Totally Redesigned

Time Tracking

Time Tracking has been redesigned so you know you and your team are working on what matters most, and you’re always billing what you’re worth.

Including Other New Features, Like…

  • Multi-currency expenses
  • Manage multiple businesses
  • Invoice conversations
  • Improved search
  • Notifications
  • and many more…

Simple product? We believe the new FreshBooks checks that box.

Objective #2 – Natural Collaboration

You don’t work alone. Clients, contractors and employees — collaboration with others is critical to your success. Compared to FreshBooks Classic, business owners are 2.5 times more likely to collaborate with others in the new FreshBooks.

But it’s not just collaboration with people that matters — you need FreshBooks to work with the other apps you count on. We’re pleased to announce 14 launch day partners — including Google for Work, Gusto Payroll, Stripe — with many more to come. Plus, through platforms like OneSaas, today you can connect your FreshBooks account to hundreds of other apps instantly.

We believe seamless collaboration with people and other apps is a game changer for you because it helps you and your team to get more work done faster. So, we’re very pleased with the results to date on this objective.

Collaboration in the new FreshBooks
Customers using the new FreshBooks are 2.5x more likely to collaborate with others.

Featured Partners

Objective #3 – Faster Product Improvements

Velocity of Feature Launches

Faster Product Improvement

As you can see, the technology underpinning the new FreshBooks has enabled the team here at FreshBooks to deliver product improvements at a massively accelerated pace.

If you haven’t received your invitation to move to the new FreshBooks yet, you will soon, and once you do, you can look forward to new improvements arriving at a rapid clip. To me, this is the biggest benefit of the new FreshBooks, and I trust over time you will agree.

What the Future Holds

We have an enormous vision the new FreshBooks helps us fulfill. Very short term, for those who haven’t yet received their invitations to move to the new FreshBooks, you will. Near term, there are many things coming — here are three high level themes:

Advanced Accounting Features. Specifically, the ability to reconcile bank accounts against your FreshBooks account, and to record non-invoice income to get a complete picture of your earnings. Both of these elements are central to our vision for the new FreshBooks. And fear not — we’re on a mission to deliver these items, while preserving the ridiculous ease of use you count on today.

Better Billing and Reporting. While FreshBooks is the leader in online invoicing and makes billing painless for many of you, there is always room to improve. This will include things like tools to help you price your work more effectively, better reporting for larger customers and a host of other small but important things.

More Partner Integrations. We work hard to stick to our knitting — helping you get paid for your time and expertise, and managing your books. To help you get more from your FreshBooks account, we’re going to build an ecosystem of partner apps, so you can do just that.

If there’s something you are interested in but you don’t see it here, rest assured we will be moving fast and going well beyond these advances. And if you are a prospective partner looking to build on the FreshBooks platform, drop us a line.

Wrapping Up

I know I speak for everyone at FreshBooks when I say: we are excited to share the new FreshBooks with you and we look forward to the opportunity to continue serving you and your business in many ways, for many years to come.

If you haven’t received it already, stay tuned for your invitation to switch to the new FreshBooks, and remember, you can keep using FreshBooks Classic if you like. In the meantime, thank you for choosing FreshBooks,

Mike McDerment


Will the current version of FreshBooks still be supported?

Yes. Not only will you be able to continue to use the current FreshBooks, but you will be able to try the new FreshBooks with your existing data, and return to the current FreshBooks if you are so inclined. We believe in time, everyone will prefer to run their business on the new product, but we recognize that change is hard, and you will need to change on your timeline, not ours.

Are you going to raise prices?

No. Your current monthly service charge will be the same on the new product. Over time as we build more capabilities, you may choose to pay more to use some of those new capabilities based on the value they bring. That will be your decision at that time. We are excited to do more for you, more that we hope you will gladly choose to pay for.

Why are you building a new FreshBooks?

We have a vision for making your life better through software that’s easier to use, that’s updated continuously and faster, and is better suited to how you work with your clients and your teams.

What’s in it for me?

A product that’s easier to use, evolves faster and makes working with clients and teams easier.

What exactly has changed in the new FreshBooks?

To be clear, this new FreshBooks is a whole new product. It looks different. It behaves differently. It has some new features. We didn’t just rebuild the old FreshBooks using a new technology so we could improve your FreshBooks experience more rapidly (although this is true). We completely redesigned the product in support of our long term effort to deliver more value to you, in different ways.

Will there be training available?

Yes. While our aim is to build a simpler product that is easier to use — and therefore we anticipate less need for training — there will be webinars, videos and other online help resources, plus you will be able to phone or email our Support Rockstars (aka the FreshBooks customer service team) and get the help and counsel you need. Never forget — we are here to serve you, and we take great pride in living our promise to Execute Extraordinary Experiences Everyday for you and your teams.