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Season 3 - Episode 5:

Making a Living as an Artist

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Making a Living as an Artist

Episode Summary

We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with our guests, Farah Sosa and Fred Villanueva. They are both LatinX visual artists and entrepreneurs who are surviving the changes this pandemic has brought to the art world. We learn about the challenges they face as artists, entrepreneurs, and humans.

Episode Notes

Fred Villanueva is the founder of Ash Studios - a community-driven art collective and studio in Dallas, Texas-inspired by Andy Warhol’s “The Factory”. Before the pandemic, it was a host to a thriving underground hip hop + punk space and artist collective for all art forms and hosted concerts with musicians such as Travis Scott and Post Malone and in a moment I’ll tell you what he’s up to now.

Farah Sosa is a culture photographer from Guatemala based in Southern California.


Farah Sosa- Farah Stop Website

Fred Villanueva - Ash Studios Website

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