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Season 4: Nerdisode #3

How to Find Inspiration with Morgan Harper Nichols

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Nerdisode #3- How to Find Inspiration with Morgan Harper Nichols

Episode Summary

This week, we talked to poet and artist Morgan Harper Nichols. In our I Make A Living: Nerdisode, she shares what gets her inspired.

Episode Notes

  1. Mine your own life for inspiration! We bet you have at least a few photos on your phone that can prompt you to dig deeper into your own experiences.
  2. What’s in your notes? Check your written records on WordCounter to reveal which ideas you keep coming back to. (Morgan checks her phone’s notes app monthly!)
  3. Write your to-do list by hand. It’s an authentic record of what you’re thinking about, and sharing that with your community helps folks recognize themselves in you (and your four loads of laundry). 
  4. Listen to yourself! Literally, that is: Morgan uses Otter to verbalize her ideas and to keyword her ideas for easy tracking.
  5. Write about what makes you angry! That will help you get to the heart of what you care about. Start making a change there.


To learn more about our guest, go to https://morganharpernichols.com/ 

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