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Season 3 - Episode 14:

Scaling Up a Business with Danny Kerr

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Scaling Up a Business with Danny Kerr

Episode Summary

Scaling up a business isn’t just saying yes to more work: it’s managing overhead, recruiting the right people, and sorting out great ideas from good ones. Danny Kerr has scaled up a lot of businesses: he started as a College Pro painter and had over 100 people working for him before he turned 21. Now he helps run Breakthrough Academy, a business school for tradespeople he helped found in 2015. There, he offers training on exactly the skills that take businesses from grassroots to large-scale, and this week, he shares his knowledge with us.

Episode Notes

We know you’re awesome—what entrepreneur isn’t?—but do you know how to transform your awesome skills into a viable business? Danny Kerr is the co-founder of Breakthrough Academy, where he teaches tradespeople to scale up their business. They offer lessons on financial management, setting goals, recruiting and managing staff—all the beautiful administrative work you don’t see during a construction project. 

A former “lost university child,” Danny got started as a College Pro franchisee, where he learned the basics of small business ownership, and then worked for the company directly. He eventually oversaw a corps of over 400 painters while still in his 20s. He co-founded Breakthrough Academy in 2015 to help contractors bridge the gap between “grassroots” level entrepreneurship and more enterprise-level business management. We talk to Danny about what makes a business partnership like a marriage, how to balance active and passive marketing strategies, why we shouldn’t be afraid to delegate, and the one skill every entrepreneur should be developing in 2021. Check out Breakthrough Academy’s Business in a Box webinars for ideas for growth and sustainability in the new year. 

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Join us next week for our Season Finale in a special collaboration with Bumble Bizz.


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