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Season 3 - Episode 1:

Authentic Entrepreneurship-Jack Phan

Authentic Entrepreneurship-Jack Phan

Episode Summary

We’re back and better than ever! On I Make A Living’s first episode of season three, we’re talking to Jack Phan of PhanZu and Ageist. Phan tells us how to “find the why” of our businesses, how he became an unexpected darling of K-pop fans, and why he set up 100 meetings in 100 days. Join us to learn more!

Episode Notes

Welcome back to season three of I Make A Living! We’re so excited to bring you another round of inspiring entrepreneurs and kick-butt creatives to help you figure out your path in this new normal. We’re starting off with Jack Phan: investor, founder, advisor, and unexpected K-Pop influencer.

Phan got his start in medical school, but a detour into telemarketing (that was supposed just for beer money) ended launching a whole new way of marketing home improvements. Phan now mentors entrepreneurs to “find the why” behind what they’re working towards. “Look for new ways of doing old things,” he advises. For Phan, that includes using his million-follower Twitter account to facilitate meaningful one-on-one connections, and jumping into conversations about tech, AI, and yes, K-Pop. Phan also gives us insight into how the start-up community can—and should—be giving back. His newest project is Dollar For, a foundation that aims to relieve medical debt in the United States. We also talk about the connection between Gen X and Gen Z, what the “former introvert” misses about conferences, and who in his family is a former spy.

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