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Season 2 - Episode 9:

Cultural Heritage and Diversity in Business- The Lopez Family

Cultural Heritage and Diversity in Business- The Lopez Family

Episode Summary

In this episode, we explore what it means to run a business that is deeply rooted in cultural heritage. Bricia and Paulina Lopez have turned a small Oaxacan restaurant in Koreatown LA, into multiple streams of business that are connected with their background and family pride.

Episode Notes

James Beard award-winning restaurant, Guelaguetza in Los Angeles’s Koreatown, puts Oaxacan cuisine and culture at the forefront of today’s dynamic culinary scene.

Bricia Lopez – Bricia Lopez is an entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, and a key figure in Los Angeles’ gastronomic scene. The New Yorker called Bricia the “Queen of Mezcal.” This year she opened Vegas’s first ever mezcal bar – ‘Mama Rabbit” inside The Park MGM. Launched the Super Mamas Podcast with Paulina, that has become a lifestyle media company, complete with annual events, and corporate partnerships with major brands. Bricia Lopez was appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles to the Board of Convention and Tourism Development on March 2019. 

Paulina Lopez-Velazquez – CFO and Director of Catering and Special Events. Super Mamas Social, a parenting festival that takes place yearly in Downtown Los Angeles. Paulina currently sits on the Board of Directors of City Charter Schools, a K-12 Los Angeles Based School organization that promotes diversity, culture, and bilingualism. Most recently, Paulina was awarded Women of The Year in the Council District 54, by Assembly Member Ridley-Thomas.